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Spectacle lenses can mostly be categorised in simple terms: single vision, bifocal and multi-focal lenses.

When people over 40 years of age start to need reading glasses, lenses that give good reading vision will blur the distance. The problem of taking these glasses on and off emerges and this is where bifocal and varifocal lenses help. They offer the facility to give good distance, mid distance and reading corrections all in one lens.



There are many types of designs in multi-focal lenses and varifocals in particular have gone through something of a revolution in the last few years with the introduction of personalised varifocal lenses, to better suit our busy lives.



Lens Materials

Ordinary plastic lenses are still probably the most used lenses, as they are safer than glass lenses. Some prescriptions may be thick and heavy and thinner options are now available in many forms of lenses, to reduce thickness and weight, therefore giving much better comfort and vision.


Lenses that change colour in sunlight have been revolutionised in recent years. Transitions VII have been launched in 2013 and react more quickly than their predecessors, to go lighter and darker when required.


They are available in thinner lenses, bifocal and varifocal option.


We protect our skin against the harmful UV rays of the sun, but often forget to protect our eyes. UV protection is available on lenses and is strongly recommended. UV rays can be very harmful to the eyes and the skin around the eyes, in all light conditions, that can seriously damage your vision and health.


Anti-reflection coating of a lens is a coating applied to a lens to reduce the reflections from the front and back of the lens.


The benefits being found particularly for night driving, computer and office work and to generally allow more light through to the eye to improve the optics of the lenses. You would never find a decent camera of set of binoculars without anti-reflection coatings.

They are particularly useful on higher index (Thinner) lenses, where the reflectivity of the material is greater. The new Crizal Forte UV lens coating, incorporates scotchguard properties to ensure the lens is easier to clean.



Varilux S Series Varifocal Lenses: The most advanced Varilux lens

You should always experience the best possible vision. Yet in the past you may have experienced visual limitations when wearing varifocal lenses.


This could have also resulted in needing more time to adapt to your new lenses. For the first time, we can promise you varifocal lenses that will give you complete visual freedom.


You will feel more balanced when moving and experience maximised fields of vision with Varilux S series.


Created using the latest technologies in optics and with a deep understanding of wearer physiology, Varilux S series is the most advanced visual solution available in the Varilux range


2 revolutions create ultimate vision:


  1. The physiological differences between each eye are taken into account to produce lenses that guarantee you maximised fields of vision.

  2. The structure of the lens is completely re-engineered to ensure you feel more visual stability when moving.


All Varilux S Series lenses are covered by the Varilux Guarantee.



The introduction of the Essilor Varilux 4D Series lens , is in our opinion, the biggest breakthrough in  varifocal technology in recent years. The latest varifocal lenses are manufactured to take into account each individuals’ physiological needs by taking many different measurements.

We use The Visioffice System, an all-encompassing measuring system, that enable us to obtain every possible parameter required for such extreme accuracy.


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