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Soft lenses, daily disposables, multi-focal disposable, monthlies, gas permeable, coloured lenses ...

Just a short list of the types of contact lenses available today. At Heath Optometric Practice we a have long history of fitting contact lenses, that enables us to offer the best suited contact lens for your eye and lifestyle. We providing comprehensive advice about only the best fitting contact lenses for your eyes There are many types of contact lenses currently available, each with benefits for particular people. It is important to be aware that contact lenses can also, in a few cases, causes eye problems. It is very important, therefore that they are fitted properly initially and checked annually, if not more regularly. At Heath Optometric we place great importance on regular aftercare for every contact lens wearer.

It is a legal requirement for those supplying contact lenses to work to a prescription no older than twelve months. It is of the utmost importance to receive regular aftercare as contact lens wearing may not always be without possible problems.